La Noire is the go-to place to hunt down your next everyday bra or show-stopping investment piece for all sizes, style preferences, colours, and budgets.
We seek to find you the perfect fit, both physically and stylistically, without leaving the house.
A perfect lingerie destination for lingerie that works as hard as you do and looks great doing it. Run by women, for women, La Noire sources and selects our fit-tested, fashion-focused collection from a killer line-up of many different, diverse lingerie designers. Every mood, every look, every feeling, every outfit, every damn day.
La Noire is inspired by what we believe makes women sexy today- being independent, bold, fearless & passionate. We offer lingerie taking the best elements of high-style and comfort and presenting you the most elite collection out there!
Our aim at La Noire is to make you feel WOW- confident, beautiful, sexy while truly being yourself. Loving yourself. You’ll be glad to be wearing La Noire today & everyday..

Inspired by women with dope souls & boss brains,
Inspired by women with fearless souls & passion driven,
Inspired by women who are empowered & bold,
Inspired by women who are powerful & chic.

The name, taken from the French word ”Noire,” meaning BLACK is a nod to the belief that wearing lingerie that fits your definition of strength, sophistication and seduction is absolutely a necessary luxury, and an empowering part of every woman’s routine. After all, you wear lingerie every day. Shouldn’t you love it?

The #noiregirl
So switch up your routine and say YES to a new one, say yes to La Noire! #switchitup

Let’s raise the standard of living/ Let’s refuse to blend / Or fall prey to mediocracy / sit up straight / Know our place / settle for less / Settle for anything at all. /

We’re absolute individuals / free-spirited / One of a kinds. /

If we’re really all created equal / Why are we so unique, so special / Utterly different in shape, size, dreams and desires? / Curvy. Straight. Voluptuous. Lean. / Our bodies don’t define us. / Our stories do. / We get to choose what stimulates us

/ Makes us ecstatic / Our beliefs/ Our purpose/ What we put on this skin we’re in / Bold or Brave / Fierce or Destructive. / Can we fit in and still stand out? / Of course we can / We already do. / Let’s be a better version of ourselves./ Now is the time to transform- Now is the time to #switchitup